Hi, I’m Cari Anne.

I’m a young professional with a strong entrepreneurial mindset continuously searching for ways to innovate. I currently operate and manage my business, The Traveling Miss, where I am actively learning and building my entrepreneurial skills each and every day. These skills go hand in hand with my education, as I recently graduated with my MBA from Wichita State University, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

As Miss Augusta, I am actively engaged with the Greater Wichita community through volunteerism. I use this role to spread my message of Brain Injury Awareness, a cause near and dear to my heart. Furthermore, as Miss Augusta I regularly speak to audiences ranging from Kiwanis clubs to classrooms.

As a young entrepreneur, it is one of my greatest goals to inspire young women to explore entrepreneurship. One way I have sought this is by authoring a young adult fiction novel, You Go Girl, to inspire young female entrepreneurs.

Check out You Go Girl on Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes&Noble, and all other major booksellers!